Smiling about the past

I almost forgot I have this blog. Yeah, it's been quite a while.

Many things have changed.
A lot of things have happened.
I now have a toddler. I changed jobs and i'm back again with the company I use to work with before I went homebased.
Somehow, being at home has benefits but it also has some downsides to it. Yeah, I sometimes love to work on my own, but I'm not a hermit nor I am a loner.
I also get bored.
... now that I have a toddler, working at home isn't that inviting too.

So i decided to go back to the office - after 3 years of being homebased. After that big shift, I now think I love going to the office everyday than work at home.

Perhaps, i'm not that introverted at all. grin*

Well, I really am not that extreme. Like many of us, we do have our introverted selves :).

So I'm back ...

... because I feel the need to write something.

I actually remembered so many things in life. Things that make me smile and things that make me think how I managed to deal with.

Just beautiful memories that I love to think back and say 'that was beautiful....'

Someday, i'll write them all here. :)

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