The FIFA World Cup Fever is On!


So excited with the World Cup fever! The games have started and so far, one of my favorite teams, Brazil, is still up for the cup. I am not from that country, but when Ronaldinho was on the team in the last World Cup four years ago, i was just so amazed by his soccer skills. I end up following the team after that – just like the way i follow Rafael Nadal’s games.

Uhmm, Ronaldinho’s not a hunk but he’s just so, so amazing when it comes to football.

Soccer i mean.

Whatever. This game just got a confusing name. Ronaldinho’s not playing but Kaka is still there, so i still cheer for Brazil.

Here are the current standings.

Capture1Capture2 Capture3Capture4  Capture8
Brazil leads Group G, although i also love to watch Argentina, Chile and Uruguay, which i think are among the best teams this World Cup. Love the Slovenians as well. Small country, powerful football.

something new, something reddish

it’s been a while now. and thank heavens, i am quite okay.
i wanted to do something new for myself so i went to Annie’s to have my hair colored. I chose the dark coppery brown shade which i guess would not be too obvious for my black hair. I don’t want go blonde all the way.


a little red-headed may just be alright.

it turned out okay for me and i’m loving the new shade of my hair.

at least, i find it a little lighter to the eye than having that boring black hair (or was it brown?) which made my mood look a little heavy. next up would probably be rebonding, but i have yet to let my hair rest before getting another dose of chemicals.

until then.

Finally, My First OB Visit

Independence day. It was quite a long wait but i did not mind. somehow if you are determined to know why for all these years pregnancy eludes you, you will always wait. there's no place for the impatient at this time.


I was finally serviced at around 2 pm. the OB did a breast exam as well as the pap smear test on me. she charted my fertile period, asked a few questions and jotted down a few vitamins for me and ‘Dear Husband’ to maintain.

She made me a request to do a blood test as well as a transvaginal ultrasound.

she also made a request for DH to undergo sperm analysis. i was thinking of having DH to do the sperm count today but i remembered that the doc said contact should not be made 3 days before the semen analysis. you know what i mean.

After a few minutes, i am done. 10 minutes of OB visit and i shed 1700 pesos for the laboratory and 500 pesos for the consultation fee. that was a pain in the… pocket. But i did not mind. I heard she’s one of the best OBs in the city.

I'd probably be back on Monday for the lab test and hopefully get positive results on my chances to get pregnant. I will not try to dig more into the details of all these fertility test. This probably needs another blog.

Praying there's good news after all these tests.