Reunions and Native Filipino Foods

It’s been years since we chatted and spent good times with each other, and although sometimes we get to communicate through gadgets and computers, there’s nothing more fun and exciting to just sit there together, get to know updates from each other’s lives and just while away the hours until sundown.

We decided to do the reunion in the touristy island of Bohol where we can also bask on white sand beaches and forget all about our respective work.

After hubby and I had half of the day fetching them from the sea and air ports, we finally had a wacky time altogether inside the car, exchanging what each one brought for one another. My! I did not even bother to get one for them – was probably too busy on all the planning and reservations for the trip.

One of them was looking for rice cakes, so the first stop: a snack bar in the heart of the city that serves native foods.

The sign reads ‘Painitang Bol-anon’ and my! they indeed have loads of native foods, i don’t even know what they are called!




I do not know what’s the name of the last one. I did not even taste it because it looks like cassava and i’m not fond of cassava. Most of these foods are made of glutinous rice and usually cooked with coconut milk and eaten with the native chocolate drink, Sikwate (below) which is made from Theobroma cacao.


One lesson you need to keep in mind if you want to savor the taste of these native Filipino cuisine: limit it to a slice or two as these can be a little greasy and sweet. Beyond that, it can totally shut down your appetite for any other food.

But I guess nobody’s feeling all those grease and fullness as we were all just excited to see and talk to each other again like we used to in the old days.

2 Responses to “Reunions and Native Filipino Foods”:

  1. DorothyL says:

    Everything looks so inviting. I love Filipino food. You are correct in that you only need a small amount to satisfy ones palate~

  2. geeten says:

    Thanks Dorothy. wish i could treat you to a Filipino food feast someday.