The Dumaluan Beach Resort Experience

It was around 4 o’clock when we finished the countryside day tour and we went straight to Panglao island for our resort check in after we picked up all our bags at my in-laws’ house. I have a reservation done in Dumaluan Beach Resort a month before, as this resort can be fully booked especially during the peak season and holidays.

Although November is not quite a month for beach bummers, our schedule falls on a holiday and that would probably boost the reservations.

We arrived at around 6pm, 4 hours after the check-in time, and they must have given away our room to other guests, so our reservation was upgraded to an Executive Double one which was a lot bigger and better than the Deluxe that we reserved for. It also has a verandah that overlooks the swimming pool and had a small fridge. But no additional payment was required from us.

The Executive Double room we stayed in costs Php 3,500 (about $78) for two and we paid only Php 3,400 for four people, which means we only shed Php850 (about $19) each and enjoyed a bigger and better accommodation. Everyone was happy.

The sign that will meet you as you enter the resort:


The side entrance of the restaurant:


Dining experience right in front of the beach!… (and their waiters just exude that warm Boholano hospitality!)


Entrance to their accommodations:


The resort is right on the beach front and it has one of the best locations in Panglao – wide and well-maintained beach front, amazingly fine and powdery white sand, and dining right in front of the beach. Not to mention that it is just alongside the premiere Bohol Beach Club.

The place is also not crowded unlike other beaches in the island which can be packed with tourists, businesses and small boats along the beach. They also got friendly rates considering you are right in front of the beach. When you do your reservations in Panglao, make sure that the resort is on the beachfront as some less expensive resorts can mean a five- to fifteen-minute walk to the beach!

So when we arrived, we had our dinner (with live music) and took a night stroll right on the shore. Our enthusiasm to dip in the pool faded when the sea breeze got cooler.

The next morning, we shared the beach with a few early birds who are too excited to dip into the tranquil early morning sea.

We’ve been telling each other how lucky we are, as the weather cooperated the whole day when we had our countryside tour despite the heavy rains early in the morning and the day before, and everything just ran smoothly that we even had lots of time to go to our itineraries.

I asked everyone if they are satisfied with the trip, they said it was a blast, and i could see the contentment in their faces. I guess that what counts most.


How to Book for Dumaluan Beach Resort:

1. Call them at (+63)038-5029092 for reservations. Ask for Lindie.

2. Deposit 50% of the rate of your chosen accommodation at their BPI account (they’ll give you the acc’t #).

3. Fax them the deposit slip with the bank’s verification.

4. Call or text them to confirm deposit.

5. Look forward to your trip. Don’t forget to bring your original deposit slip when you check-in.

Enjoy Panglao!


Check out the Panglao beach pictures here.




Bohol Tour with Friends

It’s been years since I met my old friends in high school so i planned a small get-together for us to meet. They all seemed to be in consensus to hold the small reunion in in the island of Bohol, so all i have to say is ‘okay’. My dear husband is from the place so i took the responsibility of arranging everything.


But of course i love organizing trips. The only thing i don’t seem to like about it are people who cancel on the 11th hour and not-so-friendly resort staff, but glad to say i haven’t had much problems with the latter than the former.




  Anyway, we had a day tour on the second day of our Bohol escapade. We went to see the Blood Compact shrine in Baclayon, get to see the smallest monkey in the world, cruised in Loboc River in a floating restaurant, shakily crossing 2 hanging bridges, enjoyed the cool shade of the amazing man-made forest and went to see the world wonder, Chocolate Hills. We’re just glad it rained only after we are done with all the destinations.




After the day tour, we headed to a resort in the small island of Panglao, where the beaches have white, very fine and powdery sand. I’ve been to a lot of beaches including that of the famous Boracay island, but i think the sand in Panglao are just way better. Well, just my two cents.


Here are some pics of the place.



IMG_3436IMG_3437 IMG_3494


After all the morning swimming without the sun, we went caving before i get to send each one off to the airport for their flights back home. Indeed, the place is one good place for adventure. Aside from beaches and the Chocolate Hills, you can also do the zip line adventure in Danao, the one we missed and would surely want to try when we get back to Bohol the next time.