Road Trip in Bantayan Island

Aside from the serene beaches in the island, you can also find a lot of sights and picture-perfect sites in the place. Before we decided to enjoy the great beach in front of the resort, we rented a motorcycle and off we went to see other parts of the island.

The first stop, the town of Madridejos where we went straight to Kota Park and found the Lawis boardwalk.P1010142P1010154P1010171we also went to the town of Bantayan where the century-old church can be found.


It was almost dark when we returned to the resort and we missed the sunset. But of course, the next day is a new day and I promised to myself not to miss the sunrise.

Bantayan Island Getaway

Ron and I have been looking into a 2 to 3-day getaway to just unwind and celebrate our second wedding anniversary and we ended up in Bantayan Island at the northern tip of Cebu, which is just around 4 hrs away from the city.


I booked for a beach front cottage in kota Beach Resort for about $40 and the Nipa hut was quite good. We all had the beach to ourselves and another couple as January is not quite a month for beach bummers, so we enjoyed every inch of the beach and enjoyed good food and great service as well.



The only thing I did not enjoy was the jellyfish sting which felt like a whiplash on my left arm. It left my skin red, painful and itchy. But with the amazing sandbars and beautiful beach in front of us, i could not help but try the waters again, but of course, with extra caution this time.


I was not able to get a glimpse nor a photo of the sun setting in this small island but i definitely did not want to miss the sunrise, so we woke up early, strolled the entire sandbar on the beach and finally got a glimpse of the rising ball of fire.


We also went to other parts of the island where old churches and other attractions await us. We rented a motorcycle for a day and toured the island ourselves.

You can see other sights of the island here.