Bohol Tour with Friends

It’s been years since I met my old friends in high school so i planned a small get-together for us to meet. They all seemed to be in consensus to hold the small reunion in in the island of Bohol, so all i have to say is ‘okay’. My dear husband is from the place so i took the responsibility of arranging everything.


But of course i love organizing trips. The only thing i don’t seem to like about it are people who cancel on the 11th hour and not-so-friendly resort staff, but glad to say i haven’t had much problems with the latter than the former.




  Anyway, we had a day tour on the second day of our Bohol escapade. We went to see the Blood Compact shrine in Baclayon, get to see the smallest monkey in the world, cruised in Loboc River in a floating restaurant, shakily crossing 2 hanging bridges, enjoyed the cool shade of the amazing man-made forest and went to see the world wonder, Chocolate Hills. We’re just glad it rained only after we are done with all the destinations.




After the day tour, we headed to a resort in the small island of Panglao, where the beaches have white, very fine and powdery sand. I’ve been to a lot of beaches including that of the famous Boracay island, but i think the sand in Panglao are just way better. Well, just my two cents.


Here are some pics of the place.



IMG_3436IMG_3437 IMG_3494


After all the morning swimming without the sun, we went caving before i get to send each one off to the airport for their flights back home. Indeed, the place is one good place for adventure. Aside from beaches and the Chocolate Hills, you can also do the zip line adventure in Danao, the one we missed and would surely want to try when we get back to Bohol the next time.

2 Responses to “Bohol Tour with Friends”:

  1. Mariah says:

    Bohol...Bohol...Bohol...I am coming at your shore soon!

  2. geeten says:

    Enjoy Bohol then Mariah!