Dealing With Breakups - 5 Things You Can Do If Your Lover Says 'I Need Space'


Some say, breaking up is much harder than falling in love. Indeed, it takes a lot of courage to get over with the rollercoaster of emotions that come along with a breakup. Especially if you have been with your partner for quite a long time, dealing with breakups can be difficult and tricky.

Here are 5 things that you can do to prepare yourself if your partner finally says 'I need space' and help you in dealing with breakups that may happen in your life.

1. Allow yourself to grieve.

Sadness, pain, anger, frustrations, confusions and the many other mix of emotions are normal after a breakup and you don't have to keep them inside. Talk to your friends or family if you need someone to talk to. Allow yourself to cry and let them all out. This will help you overcome them sooner and help heal your emotions fast.
2. Give him what he wants.

This may sound easier said than done but you have to keep in mind that to give way when your partner says he needs space can be advantageous to you especially if you still love him and you intend to get back together with him. A little space in the relationship sometimes can do good to the relationship. As the old saying goes, 'absence makes the heart go fonder' and, indeed, it may work for you in the end.


3. Give yourself time to think and forget about the desperate moves.

Usually, when different emotions and thoughts are haunting us after the breakup, we tend to think fast and if we want something, the first thing that comes to our mind is to chase it. In dealing with breakups, chasing a person who needs space may be counterproductive. You may think about desperate moves to let him change his mind - threatening, blackmailing, stalking... and even pestering him with a phone call or message every minute, but all these will only drive him farther. Of course, nobody wants to pay attention to a desperate and needy ex lover.

4. Love yourself even more.

Spend time pampering yourself and finding new interests and hobbies in life. If you have been wanting to enroll in a baking class or get into mountain hiking or traveling but you haven't had the time before, then this time is an opportunity to do these things. Meet new friends and be with positive people. Find new ways to improve your career and start to look beautiful again if you have ignored that part of yourself.

5. Don't waste your time seeking revenge.

Dealing with breakups can be hard and painful and some may think getting revenge is a way to lessen the pain, but keep in mind that revenge can boomerang and does not allow you to move on. Remember that the best revenge you can give is to move on and live a happy and fulfilling life. In the end, you may even impress your ex and attract him back into your life if he will come to realize you were such a great loss to him.

Start with these tips to help you get over with a breakup. Keeping in mind some common mistakes in dealing with breakups will help you a lot in moving on with life easily and even increase your chances of getting back together with your ex.

For a more detailed guide on how to deal with breakups and increase your chances of getting back together with your ex, check out overcoming breakups, where you can also get a personalized advice on how to get back together with your ex.

A Garden in Mind

pond1I am actually thinking about the garden I would want to put up beside the house.. Woohoo, guess I’m a little bit excited. Well, realizing your goals starts from visualizing it, so I would not really mind being preoccupied in visualizing and planning too early for that garden.

I was surfing the internet for some simple garden designs and I’ve come across such beautiful ones. Can’t help seeing myself in these lovely garden gazebo reading my favorite Sidney novels.. hmmmm… verg42

Home on the Range – Week 1

One week after the start of construction and we finally have structures erected on the site. Four footings are all in place and excavations are now on-going to level the area. The site is a bit elevated and we want to retain it so that we’d have a feel of having a house on a hill hehehe. No, the place is a highland and we are hoping it could have a better view of the city if we retain the elevation. oct 21 1 oct 21 5oct 21 6Although the construction is now on-going, we were still discussing about tweaking the design a bit– probably a symptom of overexcitement. Was planning to put a garden on the other side of the lot, changing the master’s bedroom, changing the terrace… weee. So many things in mind. We’d probably have to stop this before the foreman would protest.

Building Our ‘Home on the Range’

Finally, we have started with the construction last October 13 – and it was raining. My, oh my. Our new neighbors said it was a blessing and they were kind enough to share us their porch for shelter. They said they finally have a close neighbor. Two lots close to ours are still vacant but its also a good thing so we can still have lots of space to enjoy – and more trees around.
oct 13 05

  Building a house indeed is very exciting especially if you have wonderful plans about it, but it can be a little stressful too. We processed the building permit and all the paperwork ourselves and thankfully, everything went well. We also got good and skilled people to work on the construction. Lots of things are to be taken cared of every now and then– from purchasing of materials, deliveries, worker’s wages… but we’re just so glad that everything’s just running smoothly. I don’t even think that the people at the site needs a lot of supervision, but of course, how they carried out the building plan should be checked once in a while.oct 13 03
  The neighborhood. Tags: ,

Freelance Writing Online – Tips, Ideas and Anything You Might Want to Know

Since the booming of new internet marketing and online advertising strategies, freelance writing online has become a buzz too. If you are into online business or if you are advertising your business online, for sure you will invest on hiring copywriters for your website. With the popularity of SEO writing and article marketing, it has also given more opportunities for freelance writing online. If you are new to online writing, you may find these tips useful.
battered notebook

  • Know the terms. In any job we get into, there are always the jargons and in freelance online writing, you may want to browse a little on what SEO or PPC means. You might also want to familiarize terms such as AdWords, landing page, resource box, keywords, keyphrases, search volume, SERP, SEM, paid listings and many others. Indeed, you should have knowledge on internet marketing as well.
  • Know the basics. Writing for the search engines is different from writing in a magazine or a newspaper. You have to have articles that are informative to readers at the same time being friendly to the search engines. This balance is crucial because having one without the other would cripple the purpose of your online article.
  • Speed is a factor. Freelance writing online is not just about delivering good quality articles free from plagiarism, it is also about beating deadlines and giving your clients on-time services. Keep in mind that in the online world, there is no night and day. Transactions happen round the clock, visitors browsing every minute and every hour, competitors strategizing all the time. Of course, you can drive away competitors with speed. The virtual world is quick-changing, so you have to keep up with the pace. If you want to do freelance writing online, you have to learn how to write 500-word articles in less than an hour. Indeed, if you want to make money online, do not waste time.Google it!
  • Know where to find work. The challenge of online writing is where to find work. Indeed, there are a lot of people looking for writers but can you find them? If you are interested to make money online, make the internet your gold mine. Dig and pan until you can find. It is not about waiting for clients to come by, it is about looking for them.
  • Upgrade your skills. The internet is fast changing and every time clients are screening for online writers, they often add another preference -- ‘must know how to build links,’ ‘familiar with article spinning’ – they all ask something new each time, so take the challenge to upgrade your online writing skills.
  • Enjoy your work. It’s not that freelance writing online is not a great work. In fact, you can find a lot of things to enjoy. Great pay, no rude supervisors to deal with, you can bring work if you want to travel, you can be with your family all the time, you don’t have to deal with annoying workmates and you can do your work at your own pace. Just don’t cross beyond the deadlines and don’t be someone full of excuses (clients hate to hear typhoons, blackouts, hospitals, not feeling well, grandmother died….). You are not allowed to get sick, and you are not allowed to procrastinate either.
  • Invest on a treadmill. No, it doesn’t have to be a treadmill. Just give time for a regular exercise. Deadlines, article submissions, researching your topic and sitting in front of your PC all day can be a back pain. So if you want to do online writing, make sure you do regular exercise as well to keep those joints in good shape. Happy writing!

What’s Keeping You Busy These Days?

Ask me the question and I can tell you a lot of things. It’s not that I go out a lot. I am actually just stuck at home but it seems I had more to do being at home than being outside.Writing has been eating a lot of my time lately, and Poker (shhhh).

I use to not like Facebook but when I get to explore some of its applications, I got hooked with Texas Hold’em poker, and I was just so addicted to it. I’m glad it’s just about virtual chips, or else, losing 200 thousand dollars in one game would be so bad. pokerSomehow, the rollercoaster feeling of winning and losing and winning again is insanely fun. Ron and I even find ourselves pounding on the table while waiting for flushes or a straight. I remembered one time a client asked me to write about poker and I just hated it (I don’t know how to play it back then), and I end up being careful not to pick topics about poker or online games. I love them but I hate to write about them. After all, games are better played, not written.

Anyway, I am also finishing up the latest on my Korean drama marathon. It’s called City Hall and it starred the funny actress who played Kim Sam Soon. She was just so hilarious, and I could not just stop myself laughing from episode to episode.

I used to tell myself not to be with the PC on weekends but it seems like it’s a whole different world to me now. It’s not just tabs and icons, it’s where friendship grows and fun begins. It has also been my ATM, my bank and my employer for some time now. It has also been a source of motivation - yeah, I write a lot of motivation and positive thinking articles and somehow, it has also given me the ‘push’ to be positive with life.

So that’s it. I am just actually giving myself a few minutes' break. I have to go and finish up this article on mentalism and mind control. This sure is interesting. Have to finish all up 'coz I will be stuck with paperwork in the next few days... and it's making me very excited!

Keyboard Weekend

The long week was finally over and i was eager to just relax and forget about sitting infront of the PC…so i all had the time to practice my hands on the keyboard. It’s been quite a while so i was not really sure about those notes! So here i am with my own rendition of ‘Here I am’.


…and you might have noticed those colorful nails. yeah, i did that funny stuff before i thought about practicing my one and only musical skill. colored 019

'Prostitution Behind the Veil' a documentary

I came across this documentary and it brings back memories when i was still helping out with the anti-violence against women campaign back home. Those women were not prostitutes but they were victims of domestic violence and most often faced with an abusive husband. Yes, i know these are just a few of the many issues faced by women even up to these times. what i have seen may have been a little less grave than these women in Iran. Somehow we can say that they still have a long battle ahead of them. This documentary was directed by Nahid Persson and tells the life of two single parents who are also into prostitution and drugs.

Definitely, the fight for women's rights would still be going on until societies like this will know how to value women.

House Designs: Interesting Finds

Looking for a house design for your new home? Most likely you are scanning some house design magazines that feature elegant and luxurious homes - from antique houses to the most modern and contempora2231279019_6ec1c351a1ry ones, you are probably looking for the most unique one you can find. Like any other property, we often want ours to be unique. Different. But most of the time we end up having something that is not, because some people would eventually like to take a piece of that uniqueness. Good for you if you have the resources, but for some who have none, a house design is not as important as the shelter a piece of wood brings. In most of my travels, i often see houses on the road and they are far from the elegant and luxurious ones. Dilapidated as they are, but they still capture the attention of the artistic eye.2366456594_2d2c3938bd One of my online friends also had his own interesting find with this house by the road.

An Attempt on Photoblogging

So this is it! I’m really excited and thankful to my ever reliable blogging tutor, Vin! for his tips on photography and blogging, so I'm definitely giving this new blog a new face… At first, i wanted to keep a photo blog, but I don’t think I have enough resources and talent (!) to do that… …for now, I just have to practice my new blogging skill and try giving a little exposure to these pictures I took myself.

2229786341_84c5cdab5b2229785629_7df4235665 my, oh my! just look at that! i just looove how these photos are tilted… and the watermark! … really really love it!

Anger Management

I don't think I am the right person to tell you how to manage anger. I am poor on this one. If you have to rate me on this area, i'd surely flunk.

But somehow, i am not that violent-type, monstrous devil who would attack you in all direction... no, not I. I play it quiet. I play it cool. But beware, I don't easily forget.
Enough for those bluffs (I actually hide and cry when i get angry).
Anger Management Associates list these common triggers of anger:

1. Things not going the way we want them to be - 100% true for me! And this could be one reason i might surprise you.

2. Feeling we are not treated fairly - been to this a couple of times too. At times, i just just shrug it off. The world is never fair for all.

3. Someone doing something unkind or abusive to us - you're not probably human if you will never get angry with this.

4. Not feeling respected for who we are - i just hate disrespectful creatures.

5. Learning as a child that we can get what we want through anger - probably normal.

Indeed, it is normal to get angry, and what counts most is how we deal with it. We may lose our temper at times or get angry for 'no reason' (which i think is impossible), we just have to watch our actions and not forget to think about what harm it will do. After all, we are accountable for our actions, may it be done in our 'normal' state of mind or not. is normal to get angry... but we should know how to deal with it.

Here are some things that may help stop or delay (am better at this) anger.

1. Go shopping... and buy yourself something you really like. Somehow this will make you forget about getting angry because you have something to be excited about.

2. Sweat it out. Engage into some activity that will drain your negative energy. Sports is one (but unleash that energy on the ball, not on your opponents).

3. Cry. Crying when angry is a better option than letting lose of your temper. Well, this would have worked very well for me if i don't hold any grudges.

4. Call a friend. This is not just for game shows. A friend is truly a savior.





The World of Freelance Writing

So I am back in the freelance writing world. Not new to me though. Years back, after my first stint in the Development Work, I was doing freelance writing for training documentations and research. Back then, internet marketing is not yet very popular, probably because it was not that very accessible (probably not to me), and freelance writing pays good.
Writing online has been a trend these days. Employers around the world, may it be individuals or companies are offering all kinds of writing jobs from blog writing to web content writing to rewriting jobs to technical writing... and the popular SEO writing... there are lots of them actually.
Sad to say, you can just have a mere $1.00 for a 500-word article. ..

And because of the demand, writers all over the world converge in freelancer's sites to bid for writing jobs. Bad thing, the price has gone down drastically. Competition is stiff. Freelance writers from non-English speaking countries abound to offer their 'excellent, grammatical-error free' English.

Of course, you can also see native speaker-writers trying to get to the top of the ladder the same way as those who are selling their software-manipulated rewrites or those who are even struggling to get the right words to say in their bids.

Sad to say, you can just have a mere $1.00 for a 500-word article. Or else, you still need to negotiate hard for your rates. I once tried negotiating for a mere $2.00 rate for a 500-word rewrite and the buyer just told me he can already get an original article for that rate. tsktsktsk.

If you are lucky enough, you can get a client who pays for what your writing is really worth. Or if not, at least a decent amount for a decent article. Somehow, as writers, we always have that sense of responsibility to our readers and provide them good articles that are worth reading.

Even if sometimes we do not get credit for the articles we write, we still have that dedication in writing good because it is our passion, and we always want our readers to be correctly informed.

Hopefully, freelance writing online would not just mean getting web traffic and writing for other's profit but also giving online readers the accurate information they are looking for.