disappear like a bubble


Here it comes again. I could remember the last time i felt the same way. i just wanted to disappear. be someone else. i was down.

… and i just want to make everything i felt disappear.

last time, i called a friend and told her to pack her things if she wants to go with me to some island. she said yes, and right after i put the phone down, i gathered my bags, left my phone on my dresser and off i went to see her.

This time, i probably could not escape right away, but i will do everything to shake this feeling off. it may take sometime but i will try to get out of here before i get stuck. somehow, i’m glad  that i’d be meeting my good old friends this summer. they were excited for the reunion and for their long break off their respective jobs.

i was excited to get out of here and find some place i can be someone else and be happy. even for just a while.

When will this end?


a little prayer


i am lost


i am just simply down.