Earth Hour 2010

Earth Hour 2010 I ‘m glad we took part in the one hour turn-all-your-lights-off campaign today for the observance of the Earth Hour 2010. Starting 8:30 p.m., local time, we turned off the lights at home until an hour after. We looked out of the window but only saw a number of neighbors doing so, but still glad there are a number of us who did anyway, and for sure the rest of the city are also participating as well. Our closest neighbors are usually not home from seven in the evening until almost midnight, so they still have Earth Hour… err, Earth hours everyday.

This does not really contribute much to the conservation of energy, but for us, it helps us in keeping our commitment to help preserve and love our one and only Earth - even in our own small ways.

Must-Haves: #1-12

It just dawned on me that having a new house actually entails a lot of things to purchase. When you go hopping from apartment to apartment, you will never worry about wanting to have chandeliers on your staircase or putting up an outdoor furniture or installing tiles in your bedroom – well, apartments usually have the basic things you will need for a fairly good abode. You just have to bring in your things, purchase a little furniture if needed and hurrah, you got a pretty good place to live for a few months. Or years.

But not if you just transferred to a newly built house. Aside from the cost of construction, you have to consider the furnishings, fixtures and all the artistic touch you want to add to your living space… and that’s exactly what we are facing now. So i made my must-have list to jot down pretty much the basic things we still have to purchase for the house.

#1leather sofa for the living room.
#2 – carpet tiles for the bedroom
#3 – a six-seater dining table
#4 – outdoor furniture
#5 – dresser for the walk-in closet
#6 – night stand
#7 – chandelier for the staircase
#8 – kitchen cabinets
lucy 1 - 615

#9 – pull-out bed for the second bedroom
#10 – furniture for my home office
#11 – drapes for the living room and bedroom
#12 – lights for the kitchen.


For now, these are the just the immediate needs for the house and we’re still working hard to earn more money for all these… but what i am excited the most is putting up a retaining wall garden with gazebo on it.  I was actually excited more with the garden than what’s inside the house. whew..

For now, we just have to save more to be able to start with the decorating and furnishing. Still a long way to go but hopefully we can do what we need to do to finish everything. More must-haves to come!


*(photos from the net)

We Won!

So overjoyed with our PLDT Watchpad winnings. We did not even purchase some ticket or have some proof of purchase to get into the promo. We just registered in PLDT’s online TV for free and hurrah! we won! here’s what we got!    0312201034903122010332
03122010329 03122010327
though we paid 20% for the taxes, well, that isn’t a pretty bad deal. that’s just like buying all these for ten thousand. not bad. gee 040we tried the iPod on the JBL speaker and it was so cool. You can also wake up to your favorite music and listen to the radio with this thing. I am not really a fan of headphones, so I am glad the iPod came with this iPod dock slash radio slash alarm clock. Coool! Plus, we got a Mossimo shirt and cap. Huhumm.can't wait to check out all these cool items. Off i go. bye for now.

a dear friend from the past

Got a call last night and i was pleasantly surprised to hear my good old friend Marvin on the line, and i was glad to hear that he actually called from my parent’s house. Glad to know he still come by that old house where we use to have our study session with other friends.

He iStock_Old_Telephone_Smallwas one of my best friends in college and it’s been more than ten years since we last saw each other. He never made it to my wedding and I never got the time to come to his too, so we have never had any updates after that.  Being the eldest among the friends, he used to be the giver of advice, rescuer from stalking suitors and a mastermind in hiding us from clingy boyfriends.

Having that fun but matured attitude, the ladies in the group love to be with him always… and even if we all have our separate lives now, i am pretty sure we all want to see how he’d been… wait, he just told me he already had two cute kids. wow. that’s amazing.