A Garden in Mind

pond1I am actually thinking about the garden I would want to put up beside the house.. Woohoo, guess I’m a little bit excited. Well, realizing your goals starts from visualizing it, so I would not really mind being preoccupied in visualizing and planning too early for that garden.

I was surfing the internet for some simple garden designs and I’ve come across such beautiful ones. Can’t help seeing myself in these lovely garden gazebo reading my favorite Sidney novels.. hmmmm… verg42

Home on the Range – Week 1

One week after the start of construction and we finally have structures erected on the site. Four footings are all in place and excavations are now on-going to level the area. The site is a bit elevated and we want to retain it so that we’d have a feel of having a house on a hill hehehe. No, the place is a highland and we are hoping it could have a better view of the city if we retain the elevation. oct 21 1 oct 21 5oct 21 6Although the construction is now on-going, we were still discussing about tweaking the design a bit– probably a symptom of overexcitement. Was planning to put a garden on the other side of the lot, changing the master’s bedroom, changing the terrace… weee. So many things in mind. We’d probably have to stop this before the foreman would protest.

Building Our ‘Home on the Range’

Finally, we have started with the construction last October 13 – and it was raining. My, oh my. Our new neighbors said it was a blessing and they were kind enough to share us their porch for shelter. They said they finally have a close neighbor. Two lots close to ours are still vacant but its also a good thing so we can still have lots of space to enjoy – and more trees around.
oct 13 05

  Building a house indeed is very exciting especially if you have wonderful plans about it, but it can be a little stressful too. We processed the building permit and all the paperwork ourselves and thankfully, everything went well. We also got good and skilled people to work on the construction. Lots of things are to be taken cared of every now and then– from purchasing of materials, deliveries, worker’s wages… but we’re just so glad that everything’s just running smoothly. I don’t even think that the people at the site needs a lot of supervision, but of course, how they carried out the building plan should be checked once in a while.oct 13 03
  The neighborhood.
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