Loboc River Cruising (Bohol, Philippines)

Bohol is almost synonymous to the world wonder, Chocolate Hills and the powdery white-sand beaches of Panglao island, but if you get to travel to this touristy island, you can’t also miss the Loboc River.

Indeed, Loboc river cruising has also been another great thing to experience in Bohol. In fact, you can also see the small primates called Tarsiers in Loboc.



Cruising in Loboc River


The nocturnal primate, Tarsier
(lucky me! i was able to hold it for pictorials!)

If you have a booked for a countryside tour in Bohol, you would not definitely miss Loboc River cruising and the tarsiers. Getting there yourself is almost impossible as public transportation in this part of the island may be a little difficult. You can hire a taxi (but take note that there are only a few of them in Bohol). The best way to go there is to have your own transportation or join a countryside tour.

Of course, you have to consider that the cruise itself will take you around 45 minutes to an hour so you will need your ride to wait for you after the cruise.


This is where the floating restaurants dock:


Some sights you will see on your cruise: IMG_3110IMG_3079 reee  

You can get into a cruise for only Php300.00 but you have to pay for a 100-peso fee which seemed like a terminal fee or municipal tax something (i did not quite get what it is for), so you’ll have to pay Php400.00 (about $9.00) for the cruise plus you will get a lunch buffet onboard.


Halfway in the cruise, and just right at the time when you are done with your eating, the floating restaurant will dock shortly in rafts like these where the locals will greet and welcome you with local dances accompanied with a rondalla, a native musical ensemble where folks play string instruments like banjo, ukelele and classical guitars. 


The Filipino native dance, ‘Tinikling’.


Of course, we are all stuffed when we got out of the cruise. Just enough to feed our bodies with the much-needed energy for our next destination: a steep 120-stair climb at the top of a hill to watch the amazing wonder, the Chocolate Hills.

See more of Bohol here. If you want to experience Bohol’s fine white-sand beaches, check out our Dumaluan beach experience.




5 Responses to “Loboc River Cruising (Bohol, Philippines)”:

  1. Tom says:

    Bohol is getting to be one of the most popular tourist destination of the Philippines.

    And it deserved it!

  2. geeten says:

    Indeed, Tom. Probably because there are a lot of things you can do and see in the island than just bask on its white sand beaches.

  3. Interesting resto. Good capture, lovely photo! :) Would love to try the floating resto!

  4. too bad, we were not able to join you in this bohol tour. hopefully, when dipdip's older, we're going to witness bohol's beauty and splendor. for now, i'll just have to enjoy looking at the beautiful pictures you've taken.

  5. geeten says:

    [@ jayce] Thanks Jayce.... it's worth a try indeed.

    [@a walk through life] yeah. i would love to bring you all there! probably on Dipdip's 7th bday? hehehe. hopefully!