Moving to A New Home

The funny thing about having your own home is that, just when you think you had more than enough stuff in your apartment, the lesser they'd become when you finally have your own home.

Now we don't have any furniture aside from the four-seater dining table and when we finally moved in to the new house, we only had that dining table and that heavily-sculpted office table that was given to us by one of our wedding sponsors.  We don't even have a bed. What is good about moving in without too much furniture is that, aside from the lesser cost for the movers, we can also start right from the beginning when it comes to conceptualizing the interior design of the house.

Come to think of it if we had a blue sofa and we decided to make a 'chocolate house' as I name it - blue would be so off. So I liked the idea of starting right from the beginning - matching the furniture with the flooring and with the general motif of the house. The thing is - that would mean shedding additional cash for the furnishings aside of course from the costly building construction cost.

 (The small TV would have to settle on top of that box until we get a new furniture for it. The phone got its new cradle too.)

But i think it’s just about patience. Putting off those furniture needs would be the best option. Well, as long as we have the space and the basic needs, that would be enough for now. I won't also risk buying furniture just to have one, so with just a little patience, we can eventually have the furniture that we would love to have in our chocolate house.

And the garden - wooh, the thought about having a gazebo and terraces on half of the property is tempting. But that will have to wait too. That would probably the last in the to-do list. For now, we just have to do all the cleaning and free this haven from dust and cement - whew! Looking forward to a weekend of scrubbing.