Fighting Anger

I just felt the urge to write these days.

The truth is... I am angry - and I'm trying to stop it. 

I've realized I don't even know myself when it comes to handling anger. In the recent past, I've learned to blurt it out . . . and it feels good.

When I was a little younger, i just keep it to myself. 
When faced with someone abusive, i learned to fight back.
. . . and i learned not to give a damn..

Now, I wanted to control it. In as much as possible, I wanted to stay away from anger. 

. . . that's when i think about writing again.

Somehow, writing can be therapeutic. Somehow, it's a comfort trying to 'talk your anger out' in front of something inanimate. Something that just keeps absorbing what you write and never throws it back at you.

Aside from writing, i discovered another good thing to do when i'm feeling down and empty.

- Thinking about beautiful memories.

Yeah, I should try this more often. 

I just close my eyes and just let the beautiful thoughts flow like they just happened the day before.

Beautiful thoughts.
Events in your life that made you smile.

Memories that you want to revisit.
. . . The times when you were the happiest.
. . . times when you felt like your feet are not touching the ground.
. . . times when you don't think about anything on earth but yourself. The happy you.

Times when you achieved your goals in life.
The times when you overcame obstacles. Times when you were so in love.
Times when you exceeded everyone's expectations.
Times when you feel proudest of yourself.

We all have them. We all have lovely memories to reminisce.

... and i found them comforting on days that I felt so down.

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